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Spray Foam Insulation in Edmonton

Thermo Solutions Insulation takes a new and refreshing approach with you, our client. We are transparent and honest with how we conduct business. Good customer experience is essential to our process. Our passion is to help as many people afford and understand the benefits of using spray foam insulation in the Edmonton Region.

  • Expert spray foam installation and equipment
  • Efficient blown-in insulation for your attic
  • Fireproofing and foam jacking services
  • Insulation removal services
  • Fast, efficient, and professional insulation installation

Residential and Commercial Spray Foam

With the old insulation gone, the next question is, what do you replace it with? Depending on your budget, the size and desired R-value of your home, as well as personal preferences, there are many different types of insulation to choose from.

Spray Foam Insulation Products

Thermo Solutions Insulation installs both 1/2 lb spray foam insulation and 2 lb spray foam insulation in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Throughout the city of Edmonton, spray foam insulation is ideal for residential and commercial applications. Safety is our highest priority during any spray foam insulation project. This is why we’ve chosen only the safest products and provide our spray foam insulation installers with continual training. We also have industrial and specialty spray foam insulation available.


Thermo Solutions Insulation is proudly customer service driven. Quality assurance and service are paramount in our process. With our attention to detail, our end product is more cost effective and saves our customers money. We have selected industry leading technologies to assist our health and safety standards and quality of installation. Find out more about our advantages.


You trust us in your home, and so we know how important it is for you to understand our process and how we work.


Working with chemicals can be troubling, but we ensure the safest workflow with the safest products.


We have cutting edge technology that enables a more efficient process and better results which save you money.


Thermo Solutions Insulation offers 1/2 lb and 2 lb spray foam insulation solutions to Edmonton and surrounding area. From slabs to attics, walls, joists, and cantilevers. Our products will outperform your expectations. Spray foam solutions have proven to deliver higher performance than traditional insulation products. Insulate your investment, reduce energy costs, and show environmental leadership. When it comes to spray foam insulation we choose proven performance. Our products have an excellent health and safety record. Ask us about our other available products for industrial and specialty projects.


Whether it’s new construction or improving your Edmonton home’s attic insulation, Thermo Solutions Insulation has you covered. An improperly insulated Edmonton attic can cost you. Our Edmonton attic insulation experts offer specialized insulation services including complimentary options such as vacuum removal of old insulation and spray on vapour barrier products. Blown-in insulation in Edmonton is a market we take great pride in delivering quality backed service along with specialized experience in insulation and building science. Thermo SI are Edmonton’s insulation experts with the highest-quality insulation products.

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