Thermo Solutions Insulation uses an industrial vacuum to remove loose insulation, including wood chips, blown-in fibreglass or cellulose. The vacuum is set up outside and a hose is run up to the attic. All collected materials are fed into industrial-sized waste bags for disposal at an appropriate facility. If your home has batt insulation, Thermo can take care of it too, however removing batt insulation requires different equipment and the removal is priced differently, as the batts can’t be easily sucked out with a vacuum. It can take several hours to completely remove all of the old insulation material, depending on ease of access to the attic, square footage of the house and type of insulation.

With the old insulation gone, the next question is, what do you replace it with? Depending on your budget, the size and desired R-value of your home, as well as personal preferences, there are many different types of insulation to choose from. Is your vapour barrier intact? If not 2lb closed cell spray foam may be the best option to provide the air and vapour barrier you need to bring your attic up to code. Thermo often recommends spray foam for the best energy efficiency, but you can discuss your options with the sales staff before making a final decision.

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It’s more of the option of should I remove or shouldn’t I.  Once it is decided that you are for many benefits such as remodeling ceilings, changing electrical in the attic, reviewing air and vapour barrier details for some examples you have some very interesting options to choose from when you’re ready to insulate.  We can check your ventilation and install chutes or stops as required.  It is very important that you attic can breathe properly to manage any moisture that could develop.  If your air and vapour barrier is in excellent shape we might recommend simply putting in new blown in insulation.  We can also install spray foam insulation for the added confidence and performance that a spray on seal will provide.  Heat rises!  It’s surprising how much pressure can be applied to your ceiling as air is circulating in your home.  If given the opportunity air will escape and contribute to premature wear of your roof and the well known symptom of attic rain or ice damning.  Please contact us to discuss these options!

Yes!  We use a very powerful vacuum to make this job faster.  Please contact us to discuss your job.  It will be important to know what kind of insulation materials you have so that we are prepared.

Contact us now and we will give you a price to complete your work.  It’s a tough job but we are up to the task!