Vapour-permeable membranes are perfect for residential applications and are the best choice to be used in Canada’s extreme climate. They are specifically designed for wooden structures, foam, and insulation. They are also suitable for application to gypsum, concrete, steel, and aluminum.

Often one of the overlooked benefits of elastomeric coating is the High UV protection applied to your structure. We utilize a “cold applied, adhesion & instant cure technology” to ensure a perfect seal immediately, quickly getting your structure back to having protection from the elements.

A vapour impermeable membrane is perfect for commercial applications where the envelope is shifted to the outside. This product is designed for application to wood, insulation, foam, concrete walls, steel, and aluminum.  This formulation can also be used for damp proofing concrete foundations or other concrete extremities.

Our team uses a “cold applied, adhesion & instant cure technology” to ensure a perfect seal to your commercial building, keeping your business protected and operating the same day that the coating is applied.

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Elastomeric coatings are highly durable and has self healing properties.  This is a huge advantage when you’re relying on a membrane to perform through the lift cycle of construction and for the life of the building.  Minor damage can be inconsequential to the performance of the membrane.  Competing products such as hot applied or peel and stick can have disadvantages during installation and misses out on the same level of durability.

There are many factors we like to consider before being able to offer a price. The material, equipment and highly trained installers all add up rather quickly. For Elastomeric Coating projects, we like to get into the details and calculate our best price after we understand the factors. Please contact us to receive a free quote!

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