Proven fire protection for any structure

Whether you are looking to provide fire protection to your home, workplace or commercial building project, you can trust our team at Thermo Solutions to protect what matters to you. Our expertise, experience, and line of exceptional products means we can provide the optimal fireproofing or firestopping solution for your residential or commercial buildings. Thermo Solutions carries comprehensive range of joint sprays and sealants that work to prevent passage of fire between openings and maintains your building’s fire rating. With an experienced team trained in each fire protection system, you can trust Thermo Solutions for fast, efficient, and professional installation of the correct design to meet your fire rating needs.

We offer spray on cementitious fireproofing as our main offering.  Cementitious fireproofing applies directly to surfaces like steel beams, columns, concrete, and joists. It is highly fire-resistant. The cementitious spray is a mill-mixed plaster that can be sprayed on at various thicknesses to meet design requirements to get you the fire rating you need. Once applied, it requires little if any maintenance.  We also offer intumescent paint spray on systems.  Advantageous for a sleek look it is much less thick and retains a more modern look.

Spray on products are available to provide wood the fire ratings that are required for building codes.  Property line fire rated walls, fire rated ceilings may call for additional fire proofing methods.  Thermo insulation can provide solutions by adding fire ratings directly to the wood.  Additionally we offer firestopping solutions to maintain fire ratings through rated assemblies.  Services such as electrical, plumbing and even sprinkler systems can interrupt the fire ratings of a system.  We have the technical knowledge and a plethora of products and systems to repair/maintain the fire ratings required.

To prevent fire from spreading within a building, penetrations, walls, floors, joints assemblies are required to meet a specific fire rating, so blocking the gaps and penetrations in the building structure is an efficient way to help contain fire. Thermo solutions handle these complicated demands and provide you with a solution that is compliant with building code regulations.

Joint Sprays is a fast curing spray coating, it has excellent spray-ability and low slump characteristics, and it is water resistance as well.

Joints seals are smoke, gas, and water resistance. A silicon based sealant that provides maximum movement and seals through penetration. It can apply by stretching connection joints in fire compartment walls and floors.

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Fire protection can be a confusing requirement.  Let us help guide you.  We will first need to understand what your fire rating requirements are.  Once we know the construction materials making up the wall or ceiling of the structure that needs to be rated we will need to review all the requirements of a tested assembly that has been proven to meet this required rating.  This can often be two parts.  Fireproofing and firestopping.  We have selected the best products that can do the job reliably and cost effectively.

This highly depends on fire rating required, products needed to meet design, accessibility to area, among other things as well.  Let us help guide you through the process of understanding what is required in order to price your project.  Contact us for a quote today.