Living in Edmonton means dealing with hot and cold temperature swings.  Sometimes even in the same day! Having a high performance attic will save you money and provide the comfort you expect in our climate. Talk to our attic insulation experts and they will guide you through the process.  Educating the importance of heat loss and ventilation and how it helps prevent ice dams and premature wear of your roof and shingles.

Blown in insulation walls is a premium option that can provide more reliable insulation value compared to traditional fiberglass batts as well as density.  Blown in insulation wall systems sometimes require a thicker wall but can provide a much higher r-value option for higher end design requirements.  Density also helps with sound and can provide acoustic solutions not only in exterior walls but interior walls as well.

Blown in insulation in floor systems provides an alternate to other more traditional options.  Hot boxes to name one can be difficult to install properly.  Similar to spray foam insulation the blown in will provide additional confidence and provide an alternate to the sometimes problematic hot box system.  There are also acoustical opportunities for between floors or suites.  Sometimes utilized for theatre rooms blown in can add density and flexible mass that can absorb sound waves.

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Blown-in insulation provides satisfactory energy efficiency where installed. It has an efficient way to vastly improve previously used systems such as batt insulation or wood chips by quickly offering a top up blanket overtop of existing and framing leaving less weaknesses.  With a good install, blown insulation can prevent noise from migrating from space to space. This could be of benefit to those who use the attic space or adjacent areas for work or recreation. Blown-in insulation has two main compositions.  Cellulose and fiberglass. Modern blown insulation is a cost-effective application that can vastly improve insulation efficiency in existing homes depending on existing insulation levels and types of materials used.

Often not a simple question to answer.  There are many factors we like to consider before being able to offer a price.  The material, equipment and highly trained installers all add up rather quickly.  Rarely are two jobs exactly alike, so we like to get into the details and calculate our best price after we understand the factors.  Not always can we simply offer a square footage price that can fit all situations.  Please contact us to receive a free quote!

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